The house is good for life ………. It is worth more and lasts a long time if it is built with reliable materials, safe, compatible with the environment and able to ensure the best conditions of well-being to those who live there.

Living well-being, today, is an indispensable requirement and is the result of a series of services for which the role played by the materials is fundamental

Our company realizes houses with reinforced concrete bearing structure, houses with framed bearing structure and foundation beams of the continuous type in reinforced concrete (suitable for buildings in seismic areas). The structure is perfectly responsive to the seismic dictates imposed by the Technical Standards for Construction 2008 and s.m.i .. The plan is entirely customizable according to your needs.

The mixed concrete and brick slabs, made of in situ concrete and interposed bricks blocks with overlying concrete and interposed electro-welded steel mesh with a minimum diameter of 8/20. This solution is suitable for creating floors of low thickness and wide lights, suitable for plants of any shape, even very irregular, with very wide static performances, great safety and reliability.

The cover of the insulated and ventilated type with a roof covering in concrete tiles, ensuring the limited value of thermal transmittance imposed by the regulation.

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