Realization of reinforced concrete walls or partitions that are used both for earth containment works (embankments) and for support or stiffening of other structural parts. Like all reinforced concrete structures, they are made up of a foundation and an elevated shelf.






The construction phases with an excavation, a reinforcement with a subsequent casting and a final re-filling with material approved by the D.L.







Construction of an in-ground pool in Canelli during the year 2016. The various phases: the excavation, the excavation and the obligatory section, the foundation slab, the perimeter walls in reinforced concrete, the internal access steps that develop four risers, the area paved with Luserna stone slabs, the finished and usable product.

It has the classic rectangular shape that guarantees better water circulation with consequent better cleaning level in the tank and an easier use of any cleaning robots or cleaning tools. Swimmers can use the tank more easily, swimming in a straight line from edge to edge.

It is a skimmer pool, the most common because it guarantees the best value for money.

In fact, the choice of skimmers normally leads to a saving of 70% compared to the construction of an infinity edge pool, requiring less masonry work and requiring less labor.

In a skimmer pool the water level is about 10/15 cm lower than the edge of the pool, because the suction of water, as well as from the bottom, through the appropriate “bottom grip”, also occurs through one or more skimmers placed on the walls, the precise number of which depends on the actual dimensions of the tank.

The skimmers act as surface vacuums, which collect leaves, debris and in general all the dirt that may be present on the water surface.

The water thus sucked is then sent to the filtration system and re-enters the pool through vents placed along the vertical walls of the tank.

The pool is crowned with rectangular slabs of Luserna stone which act as a connection to the surrounding boundary wall of the old exposed brick area.

The ancient building is reflected in the water, reflecting the historical continuity that the designer has lavished in his conception and the skilled master has been able to realize a rule of art. The old and the new blend together giving life to a small architectural jewel that satisfies the builder and the client.