The excavation of a sewer is a complex and delicate operation, which requires specific technical skills and equipment.

The company has the appropriate materials and technical expertise necessary to perform high quality civil and industrial works. The excavations for the sewers require the use of special pipes in cement, porcelain stoneware, PVC or PE. The pipes used are perfectly compliant – UNI EN 1401 certifications – and have characteristics suitable for specific use.

The houses in the countryside can hardly take advantage of the connection to the sewage system and must provide for the construction of a purification plant in accordance with the law that appropriately treats the wastewater.

The most common practice is to convey all the discharges to an Imhoff pit connected to a sub-irrigation system. The standard also provides that the kitchen drains, before entering the Imhoff are intercepted by degreasing wells.

La Stella srl is specialized in the maintenance and installation of these Imhoff devices. Our technicians are responsible for designing complete purification plants, able to carry out waste water purification in full compliance with all current regulations. A work done according to the law completely customizable according to the needs of users.