We are specialized in the flooring industry (porcelain, klinker, terracotta, stone, wood, laminate …)

Laying indoor and outdoor flooring. Supply and installation of stoneware, mono and double fired tiles, pvc floors, wood and terracotta floors. Laying parquet. Resin floors.

Laying tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, mosaics, natural stone cladding, facing bricks. Coatings in ceramic and porcelain stoneware. Creation of masonry shower trays of any shape and size by means of waterproofing structures and mosaic or tile coverings.

Supply and installation of various types of wood and finishes, with accurate workings according to drawing. Preparation of floor laying plans by making sub-floors, reinforced if necessary or bundled, made with special eco-drying materials and controlled shrinkage. Cast self-leveling and lightened screeds with the help of betonpompe.

Laying outdoor flooring of any shape, size and origin.

We make flower beds complete with curbs, decorative elements, technical floors or common courtyards and walkways.

We can help you choose the material that best suits your aesthetic and functional needs: drive-on floors, frost-resistant, non-slip.

Specific interventions are planned for cleaning or treating existing floors

Advantages of the use of Luserna stone


Costigliole – September 2015

Luserna stone is a particular variety of gneiss, one of the most widespread metamorphic rocks, with excellent physical-mechanical properties: resistance to wear, sliding, compression. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in particular for horizontal and vertical floors and walls.

Le possibilità di scelta non si limitano ad una sola varietà:

  • gray with golden veins, if you want to give greater aesthetic impact;
  • “Blue” (greyish shade with important gold veins), used for elegant coverings suitable for modern-style environments;
  • “Mixed” (the contrasts of color more accentuated than the previous), lends itself very well to the use in combination with other natural materials such as wood and also suitable for bathroom and kitchen.

Another example under construction is the one related to an extraordinary maintenance operation with the construction of paving, on three sides of a residential building in San Paolo Solbrito, via Giaretto n.2, consisting of a concrete slab with electro-welded mesh and the subsequent supply and installation of vibro-compressed concrete slabs similar to porphyry. Reconstruction of existing power and water lines, supply and installation of a new rainwater collection tank in place of existing and dated two, as a collection point for all existing drop pipes.

A restoration of the perimeter wall (north, south and east sides) will also be carried out by applying a protective waterproofing sheath to a height of about 0.50 meters from the ground level with subsequent restoration of the stone plinth laid at regular courses .


Detail of the sidewalk knot / perimeter wall

The various stages of processing for the construction of the flooring:


The choice of outdoor flooring must take into account different variables compared to that for interiors: it must be evaluated according to functional and aesthetic criteria.

Outdoor materials must adapt to the needs of the place in which they are placed. In a renovation it is important to know how to choose not only the right materials but also the most suitable colors.

The availability of original antique materials, in this case the clean and selected brick is ready to relive in a new context.

In a building located in the hills of the Valtriversa hilly community of the province of Asti, the old wrought concrete pedestrian block has been demolished to make way for the construction of a walkway in old exposed brick of various shades (September 2017).

From the pedestrian entrance to the building, the path partly tree-like and partly already marked by an old external staircase has been revisited through careful intervention in the details.

Following the demolition of the existing beat and of the uncultivated plan, a concrete jet was made with an electro-welded mesh in order to standardize the layout.

The old staircase (7 risers) has been replaced by treads and always raised in old bricks.

Subsequently with the same material placed with a knife was made the passage that leads from the pedestrian gate to the entrance of the house, overcoming the difference in height with the risers interrupted by two floors of arrival made with square terracotta tiles.

The path is delimited by two side walls always in brick: the new construction finds continuity with the existing walkway with terracotta tiles bounded by old bricks.

The use of the clay-like material worked over time thus succeeds in emphasizing an anonymous passage, making it particularly pleasant and at the same time embellishing the housing estate.


Of brick paths, we have seen them everywhere and of all kinds. From the saddest and most banal to the stranger ones.

It takes very little to create one of beautiful bricks, avoiding too geometric shapes, looking for sinuosity and always trying to lighten the visual impact.

The design is based on connecting the different elements in the most natural way possible, using curves, soft and soft lines to combine the different elements of the garden.

The end result is a classic and very “sinuous” example of a path but not for this ugly or too elaborate, a very pleasant ordinariness.