The roof is the portion of the house that more than the others undergoes the action of atmospheric agents and, consequently, it is worn faster. However, the roof is also a fundamental component of the home because it allows the thermal insulation of the rooms. Regular roof maintenance therefore reduces the cost of heating in winter and conditioning in summer.

Generally a new house needs constant maintenance, as it is sufficient to check every couple of years to avoid infiltrations and to clean the filth. Instead, when it begins to be 25-30 years, it requires more careful maintenance, due to the incipient deterioration of the roofing. The periodicity of maintenance interventions is very important for the life of the home and the healthiness of the rooms.

When spots of mold, peeling or swelling of the plaster are detected, it is a sign of probable water infiltration and the roofing is replaced as soon as possible with the replacement of broken tiles, removal of the moss that forms on the roof, up to the replacement of possible parts of the sub-structure.

It is possible to intervene on damaged roofs even without the installation of scaffolding along the facades of the building concerned or the use of an elevating platform, avoiding additional costs for the client. The appropriate protections (safety guards, fall-arrest ropes, etc.) are installed directly on the roof, useful for the correct performance of all the operations foreseen.

We redo your roof completely or partially, restoring its correct coverage.

Furthermore, insulating the roof and thus having good insulation also entails a great advantage in terms of costs in the use of heating and air conditioning systems. In short, roof maintenance is the right price to pay for a safe and lasting savings over time.

Waterproofing: we use polymer bitumen membranes (sheaths) with very high sealing capacity at high and low temperatures (-10′), resistant to aging and UV rays.

Insulation: for thermal insulation we use polyurethane panels with thickness up to 12 cm, placed between two layers of sheaths, for which there is also a 55% deduction.

We redo tile roofs: We have several offers to propose to fix or change your roof. We can use smooth tiles, granulated, orange peel, antiqued. Besides the type you can decide the color: from solid color, to streaks with a different range of colors, to shades, from lighter to darker ones. We have the right tile for you according to your needs and the most congenial price range . We offer weather resistant, water and moisture proof tiles that will not require any maintenance for a long time, because we are used to thinking that investing in quality today will enable a lasting savings tomorrow.

Gutters reconstruction

Each roof requires a drainage system, ie water disposal, which includes: gutters, flashings, floods and converses. We shape these components in our internal production department and install them on your building, helping you to choose the material, which by price and features, best suits your needs.

The materials we use for drainage systems are:

  • stainless steel: resistant to temperatures and any type of environment, maximum hygiene and simplicity of cleaning, natural, intrinsically ecological, 100% recyclable and unlimited
  • pre-painted galvanized sheet: where the qualities of zinc are combined: resistance and high workability and those of pre-painting: greater protection against atmospheric agents and better visual effect
  • aluminum: light, corrosion resistant and available in various colors compatible with your building
  • titanium zinc: very high malleability that allows total architectural freedom, resistance to very harsh climates, eco-friendly because 100% recyclable
  • copper: state-of-the-art product, very resistant to corrosion, extremely ductile and malleable, 100% recyclable, highly waterproof and bacteriostatic (prevents the formation of bacteria on its surface)

NOTE: A malfunction of the drainage system can cause serious damage to the underlying and load-bearing structures, as well as to the coatings. It may take years before the signs of leaks and water and moisture seepage and in the meantime the costs of repairing these damages can become significant. This is why we recommend removing the causes of these damages by investing in materials of superior quality.

Another example of a complete overhaul of the roofing, a building site in Canelli: a small, large wooden warping, under-tile and old tiles.

The various stages of processing: removal of damaged wooden warping, recovery of old tiles with particular attention to building site protection.

Other details of the roof reconstruction: small warping, copper cleats, new and old tile.